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About IVY

IVY Philosophy

Our working philosophy is based on a set of principles which make us known for our superior 'Quality of Service'. At IVY Comptech, employees are proud to serve and are always inspired to excel. Our focus is on enhancing our customer's experience by responding quickly and accurately.

IVY Principles:

Learning & Development

We recognize that our success depends on the skills and knowledge of our employees and this drives our commitment to fostering a culture of learning.

Our employees are granted access to our E-Learning Portal which enables them to pursue a huge library of diverse content including managerial and technical subjects.

Upon joining you will meet with your manager to develop a "Personal Development Plan" which is refreshed and reviewed on a yearly basis to ensure your career is heading in the right direction.

Proactive Communication

We make it a point to deliver within deadlines and service levels set by our customers. Communication is key to our business and our tool of trade. In this domain, we achieve phenomenal results and persevere where others fail.

Out of the Box Thinking and Problem Solving

To maintain our ground-breaking environment, we strive to foster innovation and creative thinking and take difficult decisions in the interest of organizational objectives. Our goal is the continuous improvement of our processes.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We proactively utilize uncertainty, ambiguity and change as opportunities for growth and demonstrate speed of execution and result-orientedness. We strive to create an organization that emphasizes mutual respect between employees and customers.


We pride ourselves in being a customer-focused company providing quality service. As a part of our endeavor to honor and meet customer requirements we achieve the highest standards of excellence by focusing on doing the right things. We do this through constant evaluation, measuring and reviewing and believe in constant improvement and growth.

Result Oriented

We are result-oriented and focused. We set challenging, competitive goals, focus on our output, take ownership for tasks to be performed, constructively confront and solve problems and execute our tasks flawlessly.

Passion and Excellence

The IVY family always celebrates every success and milestone together and the spirit of team work is a part of the work culture at IVY. Everyone at IVY demonstrates high energy and enthusiasm in everything they do. We devote ourselves to our work and each day we strive to become the benchmark of excellence in customer service.

Embrace Change

As a part of a dynamic and ever expanding industry, we encourage our employees to challenge assumptions and adapt new ways of doing business. We make every effort to produce results to meet our customer's needs and we are always willing to embrace change.

Great Place to Work

A productive and challenging work environment is the key to our success. We work as a team with respect and trust for each other and we make sure that we recognize and reward accomplishments of each and every employee at IVY.